Dyslexia Screener

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The Dyslexia Screener aims to highlight varying degrees of dyslexic tendencies.

It tests six different elements including recognising similarities and differences in shapes and designs, visual search skills, word sounds and meanings, reading and spelling.

Ability Tests – test different aspects of problem solving ability

  • Missing pieces: assesses how well a learner can recognise similarities, differences and relationships in shapes and designs.
  • Vocabulary: assesses knowledge of word meanings

Diagnostic Tests – sample the information processing efficiency in two domains – perceptual speed and the processing of the sounds of words

  • Word Sounds: assesses how well a learner can identify individual sounds from within words
  • Visual search: assesses the speed at which a learner can process simple visual information

Attainment Tests – reading and spelling, particularly word level processes

  • Reading: assesses how well a learner can recognise written words and select the correct word to complete sentences.
  • Spelling: assesses how well a learner can select letters, correctly spell words and part of words.

On completion of the screener, the program will produce an individual results report, with recommendations, for you to take home.

Please note that the Dyslexia Screener is not a full diagnostic assessment; it is a screener. This means its purpose is to identify children who are experiencing difficulties known to be associated with dyslexia that may require further investigation. The results from the screener are not intended to give firm evidence that dyslexia is present at this stage.

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