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Since 2004, Tutor Planet Llanelli has provided top class tuition for children between the ages of 6 and 18. Whether it’s English, Maths or Science; our professional teachers can really benefit your child’s future.

Your child truly has ‘the world at their feet’, so as proactive parents, you really can help them realise their dreams with the extra tuition we provide.


Why would my child benefit from extra tuition?


Building confidence
It’s difficult for your child’s voice to be heard in classes of 30 or more; the teacher can’t give them the attention and time they desire or need to progress. Our students benefit from 1-2-1 tuition within a small focussed group of 4 or 5, meaning they get the attention they need to thrive. Our students enjoy and work better when others around them are motivated and proud of what they are achieving.
Move up a set
If your child isn’t performing as well as you’d like or their best friend is in a higher set, Tutor Planet have the skills and experience to get them there.
GCSEs and other exams
We have the resources in Maths, English and Science to give your child extra knowledge to excel at all stages of school.
Extra attention
We provide high-quality teaching for children with Additional Learning Needs and give them the extra attention, time and patience they deserve.
Going the extra mile
Bright students don’t settle for good, our fantastic sessions WILL get your child to the next level and aiming for the top grades.
Your child can benefit from extra tuition in any core GCSE subjects they are retaking, so the next time they enter the exam hall they’ll be more confident and able to pass with flying colours.
WP_20150304_012Our dedicated team of experts here at Tutor Planet Llanelli identify any weaknesses and give your child more time to turn them into strengths.

Of course we know that every child is different and unique, so we provide all of our students with a free assessment, allowing us to tailor our lessons to meet your child’s individual needs.

Your child has their own likes, dislikes, strengths and weaknesses as well as talents and gifts, so it’s our philosophy and promise to discover key strengths and unlock their true potential to a brighter future.

If you require any further information or you’d like to book an appointment, feel free to give us a call on 01554 770900 or 07843 377406.

Your child is a star, so let Tutor Planet Llanelli help them to shine today.

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I can’t recommend Tutor Planet and their team of professional tutors highly enough. Not only has their hard work and dedication resulted in Rhydian excelling in Maths, they’ve also succeeded in creating a fun and relaxing environment that always has him looking forward to his next session. Thank you so much Owain, Cindy and the excellent team at Tutor Planet.
Angharad Rees


My daughter has benefitted from tuition in both English and Maths: her confidence has blossomed and she eagerly looks forward to her next session. We have seen improvements in her spelling and grammar and she was extremely happy when she moved up a set in English! Whilst she has only recently started her tuition in Maths she is already happier in tackling mathematical problems, and strategies to aid her in remembering her timetables are helping. I recommend Tutor Planet in Llanelli to anyone who feels their child would benefit from some targeted help in these subjects.


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